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Healthy Kids Learn Better

It has been proven that kids who eat healthier and move more perform better in school. Studies show that healthy kids get better grades, attend school more often and behave better in class. We now know that making time for physical activity and nutrition in school is not a break from academics; it’s an investment in higher academic performance.

Ninety-five percent of school-aged kids and teens attend school. Aside from home, it’s the place where kids spend most of their time. Experts recommend that kids get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Working these minutes into the school day not only supports a child’s overall health but also helps teachers keep students focused and alert in the classroom.

Because children spend so much time at school, schools have a unique opportunity to help children become more healthy and active. Policies that support daily physical education and regular activity breaks during the school day can help increase physical activity, improve academic performance and improve classroom behavior among students. Kids consume up to 50% of their daily calories and nutrients at school.

The mission of the Georgetown County School District for School Food Service and Nutrition Program is to prepare high quality, nutritious, appealing food in a clean and pleasant environment served by food service professionals who care about the health and welfare of children. The Nutrition department at GCSD is made up of a team of food and nutrition professionals that are dedicated to student’s health, well-being and their ability to learn.

I was delighted to see on the GCSD website under their tab What’s for Lunch there are two tabs under Nutrition Education. One is titled Nutrition and one is titled Nutrition and Fitness. The Nutrition tab promotes, Nutrition is for Everyone and has nutrition guides for students, teachers and families. The Nutrition and Fitness tab gives ways to promote a healthy lifestyle and promotes Let’s Move - America’s movement to raise a healthier generation of kids.

Way to go Georgetown County Schools for doing your part to support healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Louise Carson
Executive Director
Children’s Recovery Center

Boeing South Carolina


Did you know that Boeing is more than a company that builds amazing airplanes? This company is also making a big difference in South Carolina and their efforts in Georgetown County are a great example. Ray Funnye, Executive Director of the Village Group, and board member Eileen Fleming-Patonay, Workforce Advisor for the Waccamaw Region, SC Department of Commerce, continue to lead the way to bring the gifts of this generous world-renowned company to our county. 

On June 30, 2016, the Village Group Summer Academy hosted a luncheon for its partners that included a presentation by Boeing’s Strategy and Integration Education Relations Specialist, Frank Hatten. We learned about the history of the Boeing Company, celebrating their 100-year anniversary this year, and we learned about the amazing 787 Dreamliner that is being built only in North Charleston, South Carolina. We also learned about several Boeing programs including the following:

  • Employee Community Fund – The Boeing Employees Community Fund is the largest employee-managed fund in the world. Boeing recognizes the importance of teammates' personal contributions to nonprofit organizations, and the company matches those financial donation and volunteer hours - up to $6,000 per year - to eligible organizations.
  • Education Programs – Boeing is committed to helping children and youth (pre-k-12) achieve their potential through educational enrichment and support programs that promote academic success, independence and economic sustainability. They also have a special commitment to “early learning." http://www.boeing.com/principles/education.page
  • Dreamlearners Program - This program has reached nearly 150,000 students throughout South Carolina since 2012. Its purpose is to inspire the next generation to build the airplanes of the future. https://weareboeingsc.com/dreamlearners-program/

Boeing has an outstanding vision for South Carolina and for each community it touches. Their location in North Charleston is commuting distance from our county and members of the Boeing team live here. The company offers employment opportunities for youth with high school diplomas, and they provide access to advancement within the company for those committed to excellence. Boeing wants employees who not only have skills and abilities; they want employees who exhibit excellent “soft skills.” 

Dr. Randy Dozier, Superintendent of Georgetown County School District, and members of his staff attended this important meeting. He expressed a strong commitment to summer programs, like the Village Group Summer Academy, and recognized their importance in helping to prepare students for school and work.

To top it off we had a delicious lunch of shrimp and grits and fruit. What a wonderful event!

Sheryn Waterman, Ph.D.

Education Consultant 

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