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Triple P Planning Team

Triple P

Who are we?

We are a group of service providers who work collaboratively to plan the community-wide rollout of Triple P for Georgetown County.

Triple P Georgetown Activating Team

  • Yolanda McCray – Black River United Way – Level 2 Activating Organization
  • Carla Wham – Tidelands Health – Level 3 Activating Organization
  • Louise Carson – Children’s Recovery Center – Level 4 Activating Organization
  • Sheryn Waterman - Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation  - Support Organization
  • Triple P Capacity Coach
  • Triple P Program Coordinator

What do we do?

We work with Children’s Trust of South Carolina to activate and implement Triple P for the Georgetown community.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is an evidence-based parenting education program that has been adopted by Children’s Trust of South Carolina as a model for the state. Triple P was adopted not only because it is one of the most strongly evidenced based parenting programs available, it is also a model that normalizes parenting responsibilities so that no stigma is associated with those who seek help. Countless studies have shown that this program, especially if offered comprehensively, improves the lives of children and their parents.

Here is a brief overview of the Triple P levels:

  • Level 1 Triple P is called “Stay Positive” provides strategies and messaging to help communities talk positively, inclusively, and non-judgmentally about parenting.
  • Level 2 Triple P includes brief intervention and seminars and discussion groups that last about 90 minutes. This level is useful for programs that want to provide positive parenting overviews, and it is a good way to introduce parents to the upper service
  • Level 3 Triple P provides brief consultation and discussion groups for issues parents may need some limited support to
  • Level 4 Triple P provides more in-depth parent
  • Level 5 Triple P Level 5 provides several options for additional support for parents with greater needs around their own coping and stress management.

Basic Triple P, which we are implementing, is for children up to 12 years old. There is also a Triple P for teens and one for children with disabilities. For this initiative, the plan is to start with the Basic Triple P.