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Welcome to Youth Collaboratives of Georgetown County

Who are we?

The Youth Collaboratives of Georgetown County includes groups of practitioners and retirees who volunteer our time to work together to improve the lives of children and youth in the Georgetown community. We use one of the most powerful tools for change – collaboration. Currently, the following groups are active:

  1. Early Learning Council (ELC) of Georgetown County - (formed in 2009 as the Early Learning Initiative) Became the ELC on September 12, 2012
  2. Georgetown Out-of-School-Time (GCOST) Collaborative - (formed in 2009) re-formed on May 31, 2012
  3. Early Childcare Collaborative (ECC) - formed January 23, 2013
  4. Health Care Collaborative for Children and Youth (HCCCY) - formed August 27, 2014
  5. Youth Community Connections (YC2) - formed June 8, 2017

Why do we collaborate?

We believe we can help children and youth and their families best when people, organizations, and agencies work together. In order to work together we believe it is important that we…

  • Set common goals and objectives
  • Make commitments to exchange information (including data about the impact of our programs)
  • Share resources (including time, talents, and finances)
  • Coordinate activities (especially training)
  • Value transparency and responsiveness to each other and to the community
  • Help each other implement quality practices to achieve organizational excellence
  • Maintain trusting relationships with each other

Our collective vision is that all children and youth will have opportunities to reach their full potential. We want all children who grow up and choose to live in Georgetown County to be able to say they have had sufficient opportunities to become contributing members of this community.



YouthCollabGTown.org Site Managers

Jamie Jayroe    

Jamie Jayroe

Jamie joined the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation in 2012 after working as both a bookkeeper in the private sector and as a supervisor for an afterschool program (funded by the Foundation). Jamie coordinates use of the Conference Center and the Volunteer Center at the Bunnelle Foundation, while also providing technology support to the Foundation.

Sheryn Waterman  

Sheryn Waterman, Ph.D., M. Ed., LPC

Sheryn joined the Foundation in 2012 as their education consultant. She has a doctorate in Education from UNC Greensboro and an M. Ed. in Counseling from USC Columbia. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over twenty years experience in community mental health and private practice. As a community volunteer, she served on several non-profit boards, such as the Human Services Planning Board for Charlotte-Mecklenburg United Way, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Council on Aging, and the Mental Health Association Board of Directors. She was a National Board Certified Teacher in middle grades English, and she has written eight books for teachers. Sheryn’s doctoral work focused on mentoring and education leadership. She provides support and facilitation for the collaborative groups, and she helps non-profit boards develop best practices.

Interested in getting involved in the collaborative movement? Click here for more information.