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Early Learning Work Group

Triple P

Who are we?

We are a group of civic and professional leaders who champion the health and wellness needs of young children.

Members of the Work Group

  • Kadie Koeneman - Chair - DSS ABC Quality Health Educator for Georgetown County
  • Carolyn Ellis - Early Learning Council Chair - Retired Professional Educator
  • J. Niki Howard - Program Administrator for the Pawleys Island Christian Academy
  • Geraldine Holmes - Director of Sampit Childcare Center
  • Amy Jordan - Program for Infant and Toddler Care for Georgetown County
  • Robyn Karoly - Program Director for Live Well Georgetown County
  • Misty Pearson - DSS/DHEC Director of Obesity Prevention Services
  • Ashley Riddick - Be Well Care Well
  • Shelia Sullivan - Georgetown County Library
  • Molly Tisdale- Pre-K 4 teacher at Sampit Elementary School

What do we do?

We share this Vision and Mission:

Vision: Every child in Georgetown County will develop nutrition and activity habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Mission: To bring evidence-based health-focused interventions to the young children of Georgetown County.

Announcement: Congratulations to Geraldine Holms, Director of Sampit Childcare Center and to Molly Tisdale, Pre-K4 teacher at Sampit Elementary School, who were awarded grants to participate in the Natural Learning Intiative's (NLI) Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Environments certificate course.